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Further Dabblings in Second Life

Posted on 2007/08/29 22:18:56 (August 2007).

[Friday 24th August]
Chie wasn't feeling so great today, so pretty much went straight to bed when she got home. I was feeling generally quite lethargic, and so as a combination of these two factors we didn't actually have any dinner. Given that the norm of late seems to be to over-eat almost every day, I doubt it will do us much harm!

I wiled away a fair part of the evening in Second Life. For the first time I had a go at building objects - I made my own little version of Stone Henge, although rather more tastefully than the original I rendered it in marble. It actually seemed relatively straightforward to do, although I imagine extremely time consuming to make anything worthwhile.

I have now amassed the small fortune of 21 Linden (i.e. virtual) Dollars by "camping" - bizarrely you can get "paid" for just sitting in certain places for a while. I really don't get the business case for it, but still. Even more to my surprise, I discovered that Linden Dollars can actually be changed for real money - my amassed fortune of L$21 could apparently be exchanged into $0.08 of real hard cash. OK, you can't exactly buy a lot with 8 cents, but to think that I "earned" that money by just sitting down, in a virtual world... it's all a bit odd.

I did look into buying a bit of "property" in SL, but it seems my 21 dollars won't really stretch very far in virtual real estate terms.

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