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Telly and Obama

Posted on 2007/08/29 22:06:33 (August 2007).

[Thursday 23rd August]
Spent part of the evening playing with my new EyeTV - I discovered the tool for editing recordings, which is really neat.

I also watched a recording I'd made of The Daily Show, which I'd seen once or twice over the net, and appears to be actually quite funny. This particular show featured Barack Obama, and I think I've had my head buried in the sand a bit, as this was actually the first time I'd heard him speak. He is a hugely charismatic man, I immediately liked him, and was glad to have that backed up with what appeared to be a very level headed approach to politics. I can't think of a better way to improve the often gloomy outlook of the world right now than to get that man into the Whitehouse as soon as possible. Of course, not being an American citizen I can but stand back and watch.

Comment 1

Interestingly enough we never get any of his speeches here in Italy... But then again Italian TV and press are not free at all so probably anything "new" and "worthy" gets censored to start with....

Posted by Lox at 2007/08/30 12:56:21.

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