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Posted on 2007/08/23 19:57:20 (August 2007).

[Wednesday 22nd August]
I made a porcini risotto for dinner tonight, which was rather tasty, although I say so myself. There were several factors which contributed to its' success.

First, I used a generous helping of dried porcini (and no other mushrooms), and also used the liquor created by rehydrating them as stock. Second, instead of white wine I used some Pineau my Mum had brought back from France, which imparted a very sweet flavour to the sauce. I also used a fair amount of butter, and some very good olive oil my Dad had brought back from Spain. The final thing was a very generous helping of the excellent Twineham Grange cheese.

Other than that, not much to report really!

Comment 1

I think it has to be officially revealed - I love risotto. Sadly I haven't had any since my Mum passed away 7 years ago... :( I have a mid-New-Year resolution then!! :D

Posted by Nigel at 2007/08/26 17:18:20.

Comment 2

Awww Nigel...

Yes food can be surprisingly evocative. I have all sorts of positive and negative reactions associated with various foods. I guess your Mum's risotto was something rather special then?

Well, I'm no psychiatrist, but I'd say if you have a positive memory associated with risotto, then eat it every day for the rest of this year. :)

Posted by John at 2007/08/26 23:38:17.

Comment 3

I agree! That would be good!! (Or so it seems to me right now!!) Yes, it was a rather special home-brew concoction my Mum used to make - along with a Paella which wasn't too fishy and which I loved also... ! Ah well!! :))

Posted by Nigel at 2007/08/27 17:24:34.

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