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Long Day

Posted on 2007/08/22 22:53:23 (August 2007).

[Tuesday 21st August]
Today turned into a bit of a long slog at work - I (perhaps ill-advisedly) offered to help a colleague in the US with generating some reports for one of our partners, thinking it would be a fairly simple task as I had done something similar before. As is always the way with these things, the devil was in the detail, and that combined with me making a mess of it on the first attempt, meant I was working well into the evening. Although on the plus side I could at least do the last couple of hours from home.

Chie made dinner tonight - halloumi and cous cous. Haven't had halloumi for a while actually, and was reminded just how nice it is.

Comment 1

I have to agree with you on the halloumi front. Although I find it's all a matter using exactly the right amount. Too much and you're done for.

Posted by Russ at 2007/08/23 10:25:12.

Comment 2

The key thing is to cook it properly - grill or shallow fry until it is thoroughly browned. It is quite nice when raw (if that word is applicable to cheese) but can be a bit on the squeaky/rubbery side. Much better with crispy edges.

Posted by John at 2007/08/23 12:44:38.

Comment 3

And it's got a website! -

Posted by John's Mum at 2007/08/23 18:33:58.

Comment 4

Sorry, that should have been

Posted by John's Mum at 2007/08/23 18:34:25.

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