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Posted on 2007/08/22 22:41:11 (August 2007).

[Monday 20th August]
Today my EyeTV Diversity arrived. For those of you who haven't heard of it before, and can't be bothered to click the link, it's a TV tuner for the Mac.

There were a few tense moment after opening up the box, as I wasn't really sure if I'd be able to get any kind of Freeview reception at my flat - we don't have a roof aerial or anything here, so I was relying purely on the little indoor antennae that came it with. Luckily though, this is one of the selling points of the Diversity - it has two tuners, which can either be used independently, or, via some kind of black magic I don't fully understand, can be used together to improve reception. To my delight, it worked - I was able to pick up all six Freeview multiplexes.

I then spent the remainder of the evening playing about with EyeTV. The supplied software is really slick, and compared favourably to similar things I had used on the PC. Although I do of course have a certain amount of bias here, for one or two (hopefully) obvious reasons! I do think there are a few areas for improvement though - the Picture-in-Picture control was somewhat baffling, and the program guide only has the subset of Freeview channels covered by tvtv - which is a shame when 7 days of schedule listings are available in-band in the Freeview signal. Still, these gripes aside, it appears to be a generally well rounded and very nicely integrated app. Some overnight tests showed that scheduling recording seemed to work very well - it would even wake my Mac Mini up to do a recording.

On an unrelated note, for dinner we had toad in the hole, which came out rather splendidly.

Comment 1

Eye TV sounds pretty cool, the register recently did a piece on Mac-tv

Also, I assume you made a vegetarian version of toad in the hole, what did you use for the toad bit ?

Posted by Kev at 2007/08/23 19:15:17.

Comment 2

Yep it is quite a nice bit of kit. It doesn't let you do anything that would be downright impossible on a PC, but it is all integrated very nicely, and using it is really hassle free.

As for the toad in the hole, I used vegetarian sausages of course. Not that it would be of any interest to non-vegetarians, but I rather like this brand:

Posted by John at 2007/08/23 19:44:20.

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