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Virtual Beer

Posted on 2007/08/18 22:34:22 (August 2007).

[Friday 17th September]
Had a fun afternoon at work today - in addition to the usual end-of-the-week beer and pizza thing, we also had a live video link-up with our new office in Germany for their end-of-the-week beer and pretzel event... and we even had Bavarian beer and pretzels at the London office. It was quite fun.

Chie went out to see some "modern jazz" in the evening with a couple of people from work. I just went back home and wiled away the evening on the internet.

A bit later on in the evening I "met up" with Kev in Second Life for a virtual beer. We've done this a few times now, and it is oddly quite entertaining, although I find it difficult to articulate why exactly. Ultimately we end up just having a chat in much the same way as we would with a conventional IM client, but the "atmosphere" of the virtual setting really does seem to add something.

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