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Picnic on Primrose Hill

Posted on 2007/08/13 21:56:40 (August 2007).

[Sunday 12th August]
One of Chie's friends from work invited us to an afternoon picnic on Primrose Hill today. So we had a lazy morning, and then headed up towards this old haunt of ours some time after 1.

I didn't really know anyone there (and in fact neither did Chie, apart from the one girl she works with) but they were a nice crowd and it didn't really seem to matter.

There were a mixture of Japanese and non-Japanese people there (which seems a strange thing to say given that this is actually pretty much automatic at any event where both Chie and I are present, but still...). Anyway, In these kinds of situations I always find it curiously entertaining the way the Japanese people present will very curtiously speak entirely in English - even when at some part of the conversation you end up with two Japanese people talking to each other. It is hard to imagine the same thing occurring amongst native English speakers who find themselves in mixed Japanese company.

After a few hours lounging around on the slopes of this very pleasant spot, we decided to start wending our way back, and our group rounded off the afternoon with a quick drink at the Princess of Wales, of which I completely approved - a thoroughly decent pub.

Back at home that evening, Chie and I had a strange sort of a meal - some Quorn things with sort of potato wedges (we let the Vidalia Chop Wizard decide the shape for us), an assortment of vegetables and parsley sauce. Actually it was rather good.

We then spent the remainder of the evening watching Rear Window - which Chie had rented from Lovefilm. It's a bit unusual for us to watch old films like this, but Vera had mentioned it a while back and somehow perked our interest. It turned out to be very entertaining indeed - I have to admit to having been somewhat cynical in the past - when people went on about "classics" like this I had assumed it was driven more by nostalgia than any real greatness in the work itself.

Comment 1

The pix of you - a prime example of "watch your background" when composing a shot. John Big Ears???? Loved it!

Posted by John's Mum at 2007/08/14 15:51:25.

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