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It's a Small World

Posted on 2007/08/09 22:34:26 (August 2007).

[Wednesday 8th August]
This week at work a number of my colleagues from the US have been visiting the London office, and this evening there was a bit of a team outing to mark the occasion. We started off with a few drinks round at the flat where my manager's manager's manager (it needs a better name - how about great grand manager - GGM?) was temporarily staying in London.

We spent the early part of the evening there, which was very pleasant. Aside from the people from my company, there were some more silicon valley types there who were friends of my GGM. As is often the way amongst people who work with computers, the conversation at one point got on to retro hardware (that conversation where there is, by law, always one person present who trumps everyone by being able to recall using punch cards).

Anyway, one of my colleagues started talking about a game called Bolo, which I have to admit to not having heard of before, but apparently was quite a revolution at the time. My colleague had evidently very fond memories of it and went on about it for a fair while, until one of the guys there, looking a little embarrassed, said "you do realise I wrote that don't you?". The IT industry is a small world it seems.

We left there about 8:30, and then the evening continued with a couple of people from the London office and a couple of our visitors from the US. We went to a bar/restaurant on Portobello Road, where we had dinner and a few drinks, and then from there went on to another nearby pub whose name I never really paid attention to.

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