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Posted on 2007/08/04 10:13:05 (August 2007).

[Friday 3rd August]
Left work at 7:30, and then Chie and I couldn't agree on what to have for dinner, so ended up making two meals and then eating a bit of each other's. Chie made a sort of "don" (something on top of rice - in the case a sort of stir fry involving fake mince, enoki and hakusai) and I went for the old faithful - Japanese curry.

The main highlight of today was receiving a parcel - Tanaka-san had sent me a present from Japan. It was a "jokki" - a glass tankard (not really sure what to call these - a beer glass with a handle on it?). He'd got it engraved as well, which was a really nice touch. Recently I'd had a constant craving to drink Japanese beer from a jokki (it's like having the right china to drink tea from!).

I also spent a bit of this evening taking a look at Orkut - it's a social networking site, a la Facebook, but which hasn't really taken off in the US and Europe (yet?). It is however really popular in Brazil and India, which gives it "the vibrancy of Latin America, with the sense of community of the sub-continent" (I've just made that up - and having never been to those parts of the world am not really sure I have any authority on which to make those observations!).

It seems to be more about communities and forums than Facebook - so it seems to be easier to meet new people with similar interests, rather than on Facebook where it is more about getting back in touch with people you already know. I found one community particularly interesting - the tofu community - I presume the membership was largely Indian as the description they gave for tofu was "soy paneer". It's great to be able to see the world from a different angle like that.

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