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Visiting Ali and the Family

Posted on 2007/06/20 22:14:15 (June 2007).

[Sunday 17th June]
Spent most of the daytime today in Welwyn Garden City, visiting Ali and his family at their very nice home in this very pleasant town (it's not really a city - but the word "garden" couldn't be more apt).

Other than a short spell playing "Scooby Doo's Haunted Castle" indoors with Ali's son, we basically spent the whole afternoon out in the garden, which was lovely. Ali made a superb late lunch for us - some excellent Lebanese food - we started with houmous, tabbouleh and baba ganoush. The main course was Ali's superb buttery rice, served with okra in a tomato suace for me, and some fish for the non-vegetarians. Very, very nice.

We left the pleasant backwaters of Hertfordshire some time after 6, to head back into the sprawling metropolis to the South.

Unfortunately the remainder of the day was not so pleasant - both Chie and I had had colds brewing since a couple of days before. Luckily they had just about held off so we could still make a nice day out of it, but once back at home we both started to feel pretty grotty.

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