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Olives and Mushrooms

Posted on 2007/06/20 22:02:23 (June 2007).

[Saturday 16th June]
Pretty lazy day really. Only ventured out of the flat towards the end of the afternoon to buy some stuff for dinner. I fancied spaghetti with a very olivey/mushroomy/tomatoey sort of sauce, and bought two different types of olives for the purpose. The end result wasn't all that fabulous though - whilst the black olives were quite nice, the green ones were just sort of bitter and tasteless.

Oh and in a rare fit of fusion cookery, I even added in some shiitake. I wanted to have a spaghetti dish something like the one I used to have at Al Dente - Lorenzo's favourite (read "only acceptable") pasta place in Shinjuku. Shiitake works surprisingly well in tomatoey pasta sauces, although I think the one they do in Al Dente is mostly made with other Japanese mushrooms - possibly shimeji.

Comment 1

I agree, shimeji and shiitake are great in pasta... Do you know that the guys at Al Dente closed and moved to another place a fantastillion miles away from shinjuku? I was well disappointed about it! :(

Posted by Lox at 2007/06/21 08:45:28.

Comment 2

Oh that's a shame - it was always so handy in that location in Shinjuku...

...ah well, I don't live in Japan any more so I suppose I can't really complain!

Posted by John at 2007/06/21 23:37:48.

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