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It's Friday night and... I'm working

Posted on 2007/06/10 23:20:35 (June 2007).

[Friday 8th June]
Chie went out in the evening, to her "Hiroshimakenjinkai". She's been to this a couple of times now, it's basically a monthly get together for people living in London who originate from the Hiroshima area. Quite impressive really, how well Japanese people band together when living abroad, whilst also maintaining their regional ties!

I basically spent most of the evening working - I sure know how to have fun on a Friday night! I initially got back home around 8, but then was back on the computer from 10ish to lend a hand with a thing going on in the US (a sort of system upgrade which was scheduled for Friday afternoon US time). It was getting on for 1AM by the time I'd finished, but I actually didn't mind that much - it has occurred to me I don't really have much of a life outside of work, I don't really know anyone in London other than the people I work with, and I seem to hardly ever socialise with them. So on a night like tonight when Chie was doing her own thing I literally didn't have anything better to do. Reading that back it's a pretty sad state of affairs I suppose!

Comment 1

Well I think you get out and about quite a lot, John! Though I can quite understand that old saying about "You're never so alone as when surrounded by millions of people". London must be a bit pschizophrenic in that regard.

Plus, of course, all your old buddies are living all points NSEW. Such is modern life...! :)

Posted by Nigel at 2007/06/11 10:38:21.

Comment 2

... my apologies for the surplus "P" there. Tricky word while under pressure!

Posted by Nigel at 2007/06/11 11:25:53.

Comment 3

It looked convincing enough to me - I had began to think I had been spelling (p)schizophrenic wrong all these years!

Posted by John at 2007/06/11 11:57:20.

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