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Posted on 2007/05/30 23:56:36 (May 2007).

[Wednesday 30th May]
Today started well but unfortunately went rather sharply downhill from there.

So the good bit first - upon arrival at my desk I found a brand new box of Kleenex Balsam (my previous half empty box had gone missing yesterday). The note attached was vague and anonymous, so whether this was the original culprit overtaken by a fit of guilt, or simply a very kind person who had read my mail yesterday and took pity on my plight, I'll probably never know. Still, either way it was a nice touch.

Other than that though it was a pretty awful day at work. There are a couple of key people on holiday this week, and so predictably their highest priority we-lose-buckets-of-money-by-the-minute-when-it-isn't-working stuff all broke. And guess who was assigned the utterly thankless task of trying to fix it? Yes, me. I just about managed to get this stuff working again, but it was one of those days where everything you do with good intentions seems to be met with hostility - "Why are you trying to fix this?" - "Errr, because it's broken, and it pays our wages".

To compound matters, towards the end of the day I was threatened with being sent to the US again, maybe even next week. I'm really hoping they'll find another way to solve the issue in question though - it is just ridiculous to me that they need to keep dragging me over there like that. You know, I work for an American company, who has most of its staff in the US, and we have an issue with another American company who are entirely based in the US. So we plan to bring someone all the way over from our tiny little UK office to fix it. Go figure. It's like the London office of a UK company having a problem with a partner in Bristol, and getting someone in from their Delhi branch to solve it. Crazy.

Whilst generally speaking I've been quite liking my job of late, today was a definite low, and I really felt I needed a holiday.

Comment 1

John can you post the mail that you sent to the colleagues? I am really curious to see how you phrased it... Honestly I have had a similar problem in Ratti (previous company) and I didn't know exactly how to write...

As for the business trip story it's a strange behaviour... In fashion they tell you that you must TOUCH the fabrics and clothes, but in IT email should be MORE than adequate!!!

Posted by Lox at 2007/05/31 07:20:13.

Comment 2

Well I let it be known yesterday that I didn't think it was reasonable to send me to the US, and apparently that idea has now been shelved. Apparently my boss (who is based in the US) is going instead.

Probably a black mark against my name now, but if it means losing a hypothetical grand off my bonus, then to me seems well worth it for someone who hates flying as much as I do.

Posted by John at 2007/05/31 08:45:13.

Comment 3

I am sure you mentioned your employer's internal goal to be carbon neutral.

Posted by dsp at 2007/05/31 16:23:28.

Comment 4

John you could be onto something here. Tomorrow I suggest you write another snotty email informing "the inconsiderate person" who has "borrowed" the bar of gold you left on your desk to please return it.

Posted by Kev at 2007/05/31 22:18:20.

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