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Another Long Day

Posted on 2007/03/31 19:25:51 (March 2007).

[Thursday 29th March]
The team from the London office had been told we'd need to demo something in front of big management types on Friday afternoon, however the part of the system we're working on is completely non-user facing and there just isn't really much to look at. Still, given that part of the reason we'd been dragged over here was that we'd been deemed to be under performing I was determined we'd have at least something to show. So today I really broke my back, putting in about a 13 hour day, in order to create some visualisations of the data we were working with.

I just took a brief break for lunch and then dinner - at dinner time I drove over to the station to pick up Chie (on her way back from a day out), we stopped off at a pizza place to get something to eat, then I dropped her off at the hotel and went back to work. I stayed there until around 11 at which point the general fatigue was starting to make me hallucinate.

I really don't want to get into the habit of working these sorts of crazy long hours, but at the same time we've been threatened with having to come back to the US again at the end of April, and given how much I hate flying and business trips I'm hoping "busting my ass" this week might get us out of having to do that.

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