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Posted on 2007/03/28 03:24:59 (March 2007).

[Sunday 25th March]
Did a spot of shopping again this afternoon - I decided I finally ought to get some more plane suitable luggage. Whilst I stopped short of buying an actual suitcase (far too grown up) I did get a sort of hold-all with wheels, which almost amounts to the same thing.

Didn't really want to get any food in as we'd both be flying of to California the following day, and it would inevitably go to waste... So instead we ordered in pizza. As a rather unusual side order, Chie made cauliflower with umeboshi (Japanese salty pickled plums) which sounds a bit odd but was surprisingly really nice.

Comment 1

Sorry its a late comment, but I wasn't that impressed with the veg chopper.. unles that lady was the weakest person this side of the galaxy she might as well continued with her knife.. I spect the hinge would be knackered in a very short time if you used anything bigger offering more resistance.. typical plastic junk.

Posted by Jerry at 2007/03/30 09:50:22.

Comment 2

Is it the sort of holdall that can be employed as transport if a good hill was found?

Posted by Rob Lang at 2007/03/30 13:25:35.

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