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Not in Switzerland... at all

Posted on 2007/03/24 22:21:18 (March 2007).

[Wednesday 21st March]
There was a conference on in Switzerland this week, which me and the rest of the guys on my team were originally planning to attend. However we didn't go - whilst the powers that be at the US office didn't come right out and say we shouldn't go, they strongly implied it would be much appreciated if we didn't etc etc... One guy was over from the US office this week (and some of last) and partly to compensate the plan was to take us out to a Swiss restaurant - my old favourite St. Moritz*. However, it turned out everyone on the team couldn't make it for one reason or another so we didn't go there either.

Yes, today was probably the least Swiss day I've ever experienced. Not even so much as a faint and distant yodel.

* incidentally I rather like this website - it emanates cheese, both figuratively and literally.

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