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Posted on 2007/03/19 22:37:19 (March 2007).

[Sunday 18th March]
Hey, guess what I spent today doing? Yes, that's right, being hungover!

It wasn't the worst I've ever had, but given that the previous evening had culminated in me falling asleep on the sofa, fully clothed and at a funny angle, I wasn't exactly bright and breezy by the time this morning came around. In fact I spent most of the day slobbing around the flat, and had a good long nap for a while in the afternoon.

In a strange way it was actually quite nice though. Yea, I felt a bit crap, but I didn't have anything particular I needed to be doing so I could just wallow in it.

Lunch was a cooked breakfast (yea I spot the error there too), made by Chie, which I initially found a little difficult to get down, but I think it was a big help.

For dinner I decided I should cook, so as not to appear to be a completely useless oaf, and I knocked up what I vaguely described as an Irish Stew, in an approximate homage to the fact it was St. Patrick's Day some time around now.

Oh and we watched a couple more episodes of The Mighty Boosh in the evening. Rob lent us the DVDs last weekend, and despite finding it too odd for words in places I am actully quite enjoying it.

Comment 1

[boosh] But are you really enjoying it? [/boosh]

Needless to say, mate, you were at it hammer-and-tongs most of the evening. I'll admit to being impressed with the way in which you went through the beers in the Karaoke bar and not to mention the generous wine helpings on Primrose hill.

A suplenderous evening, we'll have to repeat that soon! Say, for Byrn and my B'day. HAW HAW. Hangover incoming.

Posted by Rob Lang at 2007/03/21 11:51:16.

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