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Last day of my Twenties

Posted on 2007/03/15 22:52:30 (March 2007).

[Wednesday 14th March]
So today was the day before my 30th birthday - my last day of being a twenty something. I have swung from one extreme to the other on this issue - from the standard "well it's just a number", to the slightly more pessimistic "it's all downhill from here". Still, either way, getting older is just inevitable I suppose.

As for the day itself, the US office had sent a guy over at very short notice, which had raised a certain amount of alarm (with me at least) especially given that my team at the London office was scheduled to be going out to the US the week after the next. Having been left with a vaccuum of information to try and come up with my own explanation as to why the guy needed to come over, I had developed visions of being fired dramatically and so on. This of course didn't actually happen.

It seems there had just been something of a disconnect between how much the US office was panicking about this project (apparently it's a real big deal in terms of future expansion of the company, etc etc) and how relatively laid back we were about the whole thing over here in the UK. That's not to say we haven't been working - I think we've made great progress - but somehow I suppose we just hadn't communicated what we'd done all that well, and thus the emergency measures of sending someone to sort it all out.

So, in the end a storm in a teacup really.

Having experienced the general misery of business trips a number of times myself, I had a certain amount of sympathy for the poor guy who had been sent over here, and so thought at the very least we should make sure he had something to do in the evenings while he was here. The rest of my team somehow all vanished by the time the issue of dinner came up, so it was down to me to entertain our guest. We went to an Indian restaurant - not the most imaginative of nights out, but hopefully this was slightly better for him than dining alone.

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