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Whisky, Jam, Cheese, etc

Posted on 2007/03/07 23:33:45 (March 2007).

[Monday 5th March]
A couple of old work friends (from the company before the previous one) were going to be in London today, so I'd planned to go out tonight, but in the end it didn't really work out.

I'd got myself in the mood for at least a bit of a night out though, so as a substitute I decided I'd pop over to the Whisky Society after work, and see what was on their latest bottling list. I had a very interesting selection of drams, with the surprise highlight being a jammy (yes, jammy!) Glencadam.

I didn't stay that long, and so was still back home in time for dinner. Chie made pancakes filled with a spinach and cheese sauce (very clever use of the leftover batter and some assorted odds and ends of cheese), which were very nice.

Comment 1

Whisky Society ? Is it kind of a club ?

Posted by Sheri at 2007/03/09 19:29:04.

Comment 2

Yes Sheri it's a club - they buy casks of whisky directly from the distillers, and then bottle it and sell it on - so you get really interesting and unusual single malts that you wouldn't find elsewhere.

They've got a small bar in London (members only!) and also a couple up in Edinburgh.

Posted by John at 2007/03/11 18:45:16.

Comment 3

Must be very 'select' ?

Posted by Sheri at 2007/03/11 19:02:02.

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