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Sunday Dinner

Posted on 2007/03/07 23:23:19 (March 2007).

[Sunday 4th March]
Didn't really go anywhere today, personally I blame the novelty value of the new internet connection. Our only one brief outing was towards the end of the afternoon to go and buy some food for dinner.

Since we moved to Japan in the spring of 2005, I hadn't really had a proper English kitchen (i.e. one with an oven) I could call my own, so in all that time I hadn't really had the opportunity to do a proper Sunday dinner. Today felt like very much the right day to correct that.

It came out splendidly well - our new flat came with a really good new oven, which did the Yorkshire puddings perfectly (a particular surprise as I'd taken a very random approach to measuring the ingredients for the batter). It gave me a very solid and tangible feeling of "Ah, we're back in England" - and unlike many of the other points at which this same thought has occurred to me over the past few weeks, this time it was actually a positive sensation!

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