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Mixed Bag

Posted on 2007/02/28 08:51:11 (February 2007).

[Sunday 25th February]
Today was something of a mixed bag. Having let it lapse far too long I finally decided today that I really must get my hair cut. I still have no idea where is a good place to go in London, but remember seeing a place in Soho open on a Sunday recently, so headed over there. They were very efficient and surprisingly cheap (a snip at 6 quid, if you'll pardon the pun) but on the downside my head has been somewhat itchy since, so they've probably given me nits (knits? gnits? pnits?).

Whilst there I also popped into Arigato, the Japanese shop, and bought a few essentials - tofu, miso paste, aburage, umeboshi and some proper imported Asahi beer. Whilst Chie only returned from Japan a couple of weeks ago, I've been away for over two months now, and so found I was quite missing Japanese food.

After a late lunch cobbled together from these Japanese delicacies, we decided to head out for a bit of a walk. Chie was planning to meet some of her friends at Victoria station later on, so I determined to get there by a very roundabout route - along by the river, via the Houses of Parliament etc. It was quite a pleasant stroll through some parts of London we wouldn't normally see, but it was a bit on the cold side, and having been a bit poorly recently I eventually decided I would have to head home and spend the rest of the evening in the warm.

Chie and I both had M and S ready meals for dinner, very lazy I know, but we don't really have any proper cooking utensils yet.

Ah yes, there is one slightly more eventful thing to mention about today - I'm in print! Well, sort of. A while ago I had written a couple of pub reviews for, and, although I had long since forgotten about it, I had received an email saying that they were planning to turn extracts from the website into a book, and wanted my permission to include my reviews. So today whilst browsing in a bookshop (looking for an Icelandic phrasebook, as you do) I just happened to come across said book, and lo and behold the couple of paragraphs I wrote on the Cittie of Yorke are in there. Reading it back now it wasn't exactly my most flowery bit of prose but I like to think it conveys a bit of genuine emotion about a pub which is very dear to me. If you're really interested, you can find my short review (if you can call it that) on this page - if you can't be bothered to read all the way through, just search on that page for jhawkins. Oh and no, before you ask, we don't get a share in the royalties or anything.

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Surprised you didn't put a link into Arigato, so here's one I made earlier

Posted by Mum at 2007/02/28 09:43:55.

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