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First Visitor

Posted on 2007/02/26 19:52:42 (February 2007).

[Thursday 22nd February]
So today was our first full day in the new flat. It was nice to be able to walk to work in the morning, a fairly pleasant (and certainly not taxing) 15 minute stroll.

It turned out Adrian (that's my brother, for any non family members reading this) was also in London this afternoon, so we arranged to meet up after work. We met nearby my office, then popped to the new flat so Adrian could see what it was like. He's the first visitor we've had in the new flat, and whilst I'd presumed he would remind us of how (relatively) small and hideously overpriced it was, he actually seemed to emit vague murmurings of approval, perhaps realising that that's just the way things are in London. Sometimes this kind of pragmatism is a much appreciated commodity!

Anywho, after the inspection, me Chie and Adrian went out for a bite to eat - a Pizza Express near the station for convenience. It was all very nice.

Comment 1

Well, that made me chortle! I'll phone Ady later to ask him waht he really thought.

Posted by Mum at 2007/02/26 20:22:24.

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