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Flat Hunting

Posted on 2007/02/10 20:24:14 (February 2007).

[Friday 9th February]
I had got myself a bit worked up over the whole process of finding a place to live in London. Everyone I had spoken to had told me it was a hellish business, and previous memories of looking for places in Japan and elsewhere in England didn't bode well. Up until today I had basically confined myself to scouring the web, but today we had arranged to actually take a look at some places, so we were making a start in earnest, well aware we could have a long and ardurous process ahead of us.

...and then we decided to take the very first place we looked at.

Well, technically it was the second place - there were two flats available in the same development, but given that we already knew the first one didn't have a washing machine or much of a kitchen to speak of, the choice was a fairly simple one.

Of course, I need to be very cautious about not counting my chickens. Although we put down a holding deposit, we won't actually be able to sign any contracts until we've been through a reference check, which could be a bit of a stumbling block given the irregularity of having recently lived in Japan, and not really having a current address. So, fingers are crossed, but I'm well aware it could still fall through.

In the evening Chie cooked again, and we just had a very quiet night in basically. I'd like to say it was a big weight off our minds to have got a place to live sorted out, but as I feel so compelled to say (so as not to tempt fate etc) it is not definite yet.

Comment 1

Well you have my admiration!! I wouldn't know how/where/what to do to start looking for accomodation in London - well, without ending up next to a brothel, above the noisiest club in town or pick-pocket central! :) Hope it all goes through easily... :)

Posted by Nigel at 2007/02/10 21:33:21.

Comment 2

Hello again John,
I know I promised I would be in touch more but unfortunatly(apologies) I've been tied up with work and family.The wife and I have just finished Nov/Dec/Jan/Feb of you and Chie's life on the interweb, making a Saturday night a lot more interesting than the normal tripe of saturday night TV. First congratulations to you both on getting married, Merry Christmas and a happy new year,but how much of a snob are you 'I had to spend the whole flight sat next to a couple who were just frightfully common. An awful business.'((your words pasted)Just who qualifies for a comment like that(me and the wife?)).I'm not picking an argument at all,but it does sound a bit ropey.Anyway give me a e-mail on for a full analysis of your comments. Take care, hope to talk and see you soon love Ash,Helen and Bethan

Posted by A.Bradshaw at 2007/02/11 01:31:45.

Comment 3

There you go that's (almost) done, I am sure that in a couple of months everything will be settled and ready to go! Thinking that I rent a house since November and that it still has problems such as shutters not closing properly, I cannot hide an hint of envy for you getting a new nice flat!

Posted by Lox at 2007/02/11 08:42:19.

Comment 4

Ash - good to hear from you again! for my snobbery it is very much tongue in cheek - having grown up on a council estate I reckon I can get away with it!

Posted by John at 2007/02/11 16:26:26.

Comment 5

Flat hunting? Does it mean you go looking for flats with a twelve bore and shoot the tenants of any flat you fancy?

Posted by Sheri at 2007/02/11 19:24:32.

Comment 6

Just visited the main site - you will now have to change your description on it..."currently residing in Tokyo"".
BTW, I am typing this sitting in the reception of Autoglass as got a stone through the windscreen yesterday. Bit more civilised than that time we had the sahttered windscreen on the motorway on the way down to South Wales, eh?

Posted by Mum at 2007/02/12 15:12:11.

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