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Posted on 2007/02/10 20:23:14 (February 2007).

[Wednesday 7th February]
Chie came and met me for lunch which was really nice - the cafe at the office is currently being refurbished, so instead we ate out at a nearby Italian restaurant. As we were leaving Chie got a call from her (breathe in) Mother's friend's son - a chap called Kurihara-kun. It turns out he was in London, and wanted to know if we'd like to go out somewhere that evening.

So I decided to go for "set London night out course A" - my two favourite pubs around Chancery Lane, followed by the whisky society. We kicked off with the Cittie of Yorke, where we also had dinner (Kurihara-kun bravely ordered steak and kidney pudding). Next up was Ye Olde Mitre, and I tried in my terrible Japanese to give him something of a feel for the history of the place. Actually this was also Chie's first time to visit this marvellous place, which I am forever going on about. I'm not sure it made quite the same impression on my Japanese guests as it always does on me, but each to their own I suppose!

We rounded off the night at the whisky society, which was pretty busy for a change (I guess I often end up going there part way through the afternoon or something). We got chatting to some of the other members there, which was nice.

Whenever entertaining foreign visitors it can be hard to know if they've really enjoyed your recommended venues, but I hope at least I showed Kurihara-kun some parts of London he wouldn't have seen otherwise.

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