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Back at the London Office

Posted on 2007/02/10 20:22:03 (February 2007).

[Monday 5th February]
First day back at the London office after my three weeks in California. Jetlag put in an absolutelyt text book performance and woke me up at 4AM, and I know now from experience that any attempt to get back to sleep is pretty much in vain. So I got up around 6, and was at the office by 7 - the lack of Internet access in the temporary flat I'm staying in meant there wasn't a great deal of point hanging around!

At work I share a room with the three other guys on my immediate team, but today all of them were still in transit, so I efectively had an office all to myself. This was really nice - I closed the door and put some of my own music on, and spent a large part of the day working on my side project which, given that I thought it up myself, I actually find very interesting.

I did a fairly long day in the end - didn't leave the office until around 7 in the evening. I actually don't mind working long hours when I'm not leaving Chie at home by herself, and the work itself is actually interesting.

In the evening I decided to "cook" back at my temporary flat place - which effectively meant going and buying some microwaveable things from Waitrose (this place doesn't really have proper cooking facilities). It felt really quite miserable buying these meals for one in the supermarket! Still, only one day to go until Chie arrives in the UK.

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