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San Francisco Again

Posted on 2007/01/30 07:05:51 (January 2007).

[Saturday 27th January]
Went back to San Francisco again, this time with Simon, and did much the same things as on my previous visit - went down to see the Golden Gate bridge, rode around on the trams, walked about a bit, and had a couple of nice meals. Not much else to say really - go look at the pictures!

Comment 1

Aw Shucks! I really *am* going to have to change jobs now... Did I ever tell you SF is one of those cities I most want to go see? No? Well I do!! Great photos though (blub-blub!)

Posted by Nigel at 2007/01/30 09:45:38.

Comment 2

Hmmm actually I thought my pictures were a little uninteresting this time! Although I did like one or two of the bridge shots.

When we first got to the beach which normally gives good views of the bridge, it was so cloudy/misty that we basically couldn't see it at all. So we carried on walking until we were almost right underneath it, and thus I got a bit snap happy. I particularly liked the one I used on this blog page - although unfortunately it isn't quite straight (yea I know Photoshop or whatever could fix that, but I can never be bothered...!).

Posted by John at 2007/01/30 17:29:48.

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