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Second Day at the US Office

Posted on 2007/01/18 17:22:50 (January 2007).

[Wednesday 17th January]
Another day of induction type stuff. Today we moved on to more technical topics, so some of this was at least quite interesting. The food was a bit of a disapointment again though - I'm not even sure what I had for lunch, some weird kind of fusion health food crap, which was pretty dissatisfying. I fear the majority of vegetarians here may be vegetarian for health reasons, so it seems to be all mung beans and sawdust type food, not really my cup of tea.

On the plus side though, I have been able to have a couple of decent espressos.

I motored back to the hotel a little earlier than the previous day, partly to try and get back in daylight and avoid the "run the gauntlet" style journey of the previous evening.

The evening then passed very uneventfully - I'd considered going out for dinner, but lost enthusiasm so finally settled on "cooking" some of the things I'd bought the other day in Trader Joe's. So it basically came down to burgels (that's bagels with burgers in, for the uninitiated).

Today marked seven years since I the very first time Chie and I met. It was the first time we'd not spent this anniversary together, so that was a bit of a bummer. In fact given the time difference, and me being at work, plus her being out for part of the day, we didn't even get to speak properly.

Bloody business trips!

Comment 1

Yeah, that's not so good. As you quite rightly state - "Bummer!"

Posted by Nigel at 2007/01/18 19:43:26.

Comment 2

Mind you, on a more positive note, I liked your refernce to vegetarians who eat the stuff for health reasons... I take it as opposed to on moral grounds (?) I'm one of those annoying fence-sitters here who morally sympathises with the viewpoint, but also worries about the fact we're all born omnivores... Do we give our children a balanced meat/veggie diet just to ensure they grow up strong and are then able to make their own decisions, or do we enforce a given viewpoint from day-one... Tricky stuff!!

Posted by Nigel at 2007/01/18 19:47:24.

Comment 3

Strange I thought that the stuff that you normally eat is made of sawdust (except Rowlahn and few other bits that you have had together with me)... :P

Posted by Lox at 2007/01/18 23:10:13.

Comment 4

So what is Chie up to while you're settling into this new company? If you don't mind me ask...

How's this for weird... one of my high school girlfriends and her husband have yet to spend a Christmas together! They always end up going separate ways with their families and meeting up before the new year celebrations start. I can't imagine spending the holidays without my husband.

Happy First Meeting Anniversary to you both!

Posted by Malinda at 2007/01/19 18:03:43.

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