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Another Day Off

Posted on 2007/01/17 16:19:37 (January 2007).

[Monday 15th January]
Well I'd originally expected today to be the first day of my training in the US, but it turned out it was a sort of national holiday (Martin Luther King Day) and nobody would be at the office.

So I just spent most of the day resting at my hotel, trying to get over the jetlag. I did make a couple of brief excursions, but nothing very exciting - towards the end of the morning I drove to the office, just to get familiarised with the route. When I got back to the hotel, I decided to leave the car behind and go for a walk out to the shops. I managed to find a Trader Joe's nearby - I'd often heard of this store in my previous job via the company's vegetarian mailing list. It's mainly a sort of organic food shop, but they also do a lot of vegetarian food as well, and most of their cheeses are clearly labelled for the type of rennet they use - the sort of thing which makes me very happy. So I bought myself a few bits and pieces, and when back at the hotel assembled a very nice sandwich with marinated mozarella and some salad.

I spent the rest of the day mainly on the Internet, managed to chat to Chie on Skype with webcams and everything, which was great.

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