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Day Off

Posted on 2007/01/15 16:13:20 (January 2007).

[Saturday 13th January]
So today I had a day off, inbetween my first week at the London office, and my flight out to California. I didn't really do a great deal - basically just confined myself to my temporary apartment, caught up on my backlog of washing, and wiled away the time with the Internet again.

This week, as also documented by Nigel (see here and here, the 'Maison regulars have been investigating all manner of online chat mecahnisms. Today I used the video/audio conferencing in Skype for the first time, had a nice chat with Nigel and the family, and I have to say I was very impressed - even with the less-than-perfect Internet connection I had in my temporary flat place. I also later on attempted a more unconventional form of online interaction - Second Life - which enabled Kev and I to go for a virtual beer together. This was very odd, but strangely rather enjoyable.

Isn't the Internet marvellous?

There's a Marks and Spencers "Simply Food" nearby the place I was staying in (just round the corner from St. Paul's cathedral), and so for dinner I decided I would gorge myself on ready meals. It was really good actually - a potato gratin, some garlic mushrooms and a halloumi and bean cassoulet. Yum!

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