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Last Day of the First Week

Posted on 2007/01/15 15:57:20 (January 2007).

[Friday 12th January]
So today was the last day of the first week in my new job. If I'm honest I'd have to say that it has actually been a tad underwhelming on the whole - but then I guess that's always the way with new jobs - until you've got a clear idea of what you're doing it is hard to feel settled and comfortable with it. Still, early days!

One nice thing about the office is that they have a sort of wrap up meeting for the week, at the end of the working day, every Friday. Everybody in the office goes along, and there's free beer and pizza. One feature of this weekly event is to announce all the new starters that have come onboard that week, and each one of them (myself included) is required to go up and make a little speech in front of several hundred people. This was a bit nerve wracking as you might imagine, but I managed to get by with some quip about how I was really pleased about returning to the UK from Japan because of the great food, weather, and affordable accomodation. This seemed to afford me a round of polite laughter.

The other nice thing about this end-of-the-week thing is that it really does mark the end-of-the-week - not a lot of people go back to work after it is finished, it seems. I hung on for a while after the main end-of-week meeting - went and "mingled" and played a couple of rounds of pool.

I think I headed home around 7:30, and there finished off some leftover pizza, and wiled away the evening with the help of the Internet and the lovely MacBook Pro the company gave me.

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