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Finally Some Beer

Posted on 2007/01/15 15:46:43 (January 2007).

[Thursday 11th January]
I wonder what sorts of things sociologists study. I'm not all that sure, but I feel one interesting area of research could be the means by which people establish drinking buddies when joining a previously unknown group of people (i.e. when starting a new job). Whilst it seems the immediate colleagues on my team are not really into their beer - and fair play to them - no office would be complete without a few designated drinkers. By day four of my new job, at least two of them had come out of the woodwork and made themselves known to me, and so to my great delight today I was finally asked out for a beer.

We went to a couple of pubs in the viccinity of the office. The first was nice but a little overcrowded for my increasingly old-manish tendencies, and the second was also very passable.

It seems I have acclimatised to the Japanese custom of always having something to nibble when going for a few drinks, and throughout the evening was thinking "when are we going to get something to eat?". It never really materialised, so instead when I got back to my temporary flat I decided to order pizza via the web. I was very impressed with the service - within about 20 minutes of clicking submit the delivery guy was at the door, and the pizza was actually pretty good too. My hat off to Domino's!

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