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First Day in the New Job

Posted on 2007/01/11 22:28:50 (January 2007).

[Monday 8th January]
As these things often seem to go, it had been a long time getting to this point - I think I'd actually applied for this job back in June of 2006, over six months ago. Anyway today I finally had my first day at the new company, who, in a similar vein to the last place of employment, shall remain nameless (however I think all of the regulars know by now).

I'd been put up by the company in a nice temporary apartment very close to Blackfriars. The office itself was near Victoria, and so I'd decided it would be nice to walk in the first day. Having arrived in London the previous evening in the dark (and in the rain) today I was seeing my new surrounds for the first time in daylight. The walk to the office took me along the banks of the Thames, past the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament. Still I'm really impressed every time I walk past Big Ben (OK technically, the clock tower containing Big Ben) - I get a little twinge of pride when I think to myself "this is my country".

The morning passed with the usual waffly corporate induction stuff, and I'm glad to report it was only confined to the morning - by the afternoon I was sitting at my desk and starting to work out how I go about writing software at this place.

As a slight disappointment, nobody suggested going for a beer at the end of my first day, so I just wandered off by myself when the metaphorical whistle blew.

I took a very roundabout route to getting back to my apartment - as the place came with wireless broadband I was keen to find somewhere I could by a WLAN adapter, and actually ended up walking all the way to Tottenham Court Road as everywhere else seemed to be shut. I get a nifty little Netgear USB adapter for the not-too-offensive price of twenty quid. Also on the way back I went by way of a Subway, and picked myself up a very unimaginative dinner, which I consumed on my return whilst basking in the pleasing glow of a decent internet connection.

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