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Day Before the Big Day

Posted on 2006/12/11 14:40:34 (December 2006).

[Thursday 7th December]
Chie and I spent today going round Hiroshima doing final preparations for the wedding. Amongst other things we visited the cruise ship company to sort out the final schedule for the reception, and also the dress hire company to decide on the suit I'd be wearing for the reception.

A few of Chie's friends who'd come for the wedding arrived in Hiroshima this evening, so we met up with them. Whilst Chie was doing some preparations I apparently wasn't required for, I went for dinner with Dale, Erina and Kittichan. After dinner all the girls got together for a bit of a natter, so Dale and I took the opportunity to go off and have a bit of a boy's night out.

We went to Molly Mallone's - the Irish pub in the centre of Hiroshima, and there chewed the cud over a few beers. Whilst there we got talking to the people at the next table, and somehow it came out I was going to be getting married the next day. This prompted a very nice response - lots of "omedeto gozaimasu" (congratulations) and even a spontaneous round of applause when we finally left. Lovely.

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