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Vis Vis a Visa

Posted on 2006/11/28 14:07:09 (November 2006).

[Monday 27th November]
In amidst all the talk of Yorkshire puddings yesterday, I somehow entirely forgot to mention what really ought to have been the headline news. It appears Chie's visa has been approved. Within one week. That is just frighteningly quick!

I'm still a tiny bit cautious as we haven't actually got the relevant paperwork in our hands yet - Chie asked the embassy to send it to her parents house in Hiroshima, as we'd assume it would have taken much longer and we wouldn't be in Tokyo at that time. However, we got a copy of the certificate by email, and it looks like everything is in order. Within one week! Really quite amazing.

Of course this is absolutely the way it should be - we are married after all, we've been together six years and were able to provide plenty of evidence of that (or you could just bung "John and Chie" in Google and we fill the first results page). On top of that I have a really solid job lined up in London so we could easily satisfy the "no need to recourse to public funds" requirement. Not to mention the fact Chie has lived in the UK for over six years of her life already.

As for today itself... Well, I went into work but had a stomach ache most of the day, a sort of uncomfortable and bloated feeling, despite not really having eaten anything. I spoke to my Dad on the phone later on in the day, and upon describing these symptoms he suggested I probably have a kind of Gastroenteritis. I'd half suspected as much myself. I went out for lunch with TK to the sort of organic food place we often go to, and nibbled at my set lunch a bit there, but couldn't even manage half of it. I decided not to bother with dinner in the evening at all.

When I got back home I decided I ought to spend some time looking around for flights - I still don't have my flight back to the UK booked yet. This was an incredibly frustrating experience as ranted on the message board.

Comment 1

Hope you start to feel better soon. This unwell period sounds more annoying than agonising, but maybe it's the time of year when all those bugs come out to play :(

Not long to go now before you leave your current employer... !! :)

Posted by Nigel at 2006/11/28 22:27:16.

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