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A Thousand Pictures

Posted on 2006/11/23 01:14:58 (November 2006).

[Sunday 19th November]
We need to sort out Chie's visa application over the next few days. When applying for a spouse visa for the UK, one of the things they ask for is some sort of proof that you have a genuine relationship - things like letters, photos etc. So this afternoon I se about finding pictures with me and Chie in together, over the last six or seven years. I ended up with a collection of around 200, and the intention was submit along with the application form.

Chie's name in kanji (chinese characters) means "thousand pictures" and I never seem to tire of the poignancy of this, given how many pictures I've taken with her in over the last few years.

This pretty much occupied the entire day - we'd got up pretty late following the previous evening's karaoke-athon, had a sort of Mexican meal for lunch, and then the remainder of the afternoon and early evening I spent busily hunting for pictures. Also I had two phonecalls - one from Mum and one from Vera - I seemed to be very popular today!

Comment 1

Well I was just thinking... "If a picture paints a thousand words..." to quote the old song, then that's rather a lot of potential-words describing your dear lady!! :))

Posted by Nigel at 2006/11/23 07:34:47.

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