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Otsukare sama desu

Posted on 2006/11/20 12:27:03 (November 2006).

[Friday 17th November]
I found the working day really wore me down today, but thankfully from now on I have a week off. After today there are four weeks until I leave the company, but I'll only be in the office for two of those - only ten working days left!

I was feeling pretty drained when I got back home, and didn't really feel like cooking. So we ordered in a pizza, accompanied with some Orion Happoshu, bought from the little street full of Okinanwan shops near our apartment. The happoshu was particularly good to my pleasant surprise, even, if I dare say it in public, a bit nicer than their regular beer.

(By the way, the title "Otsukare sama desu" is something they say in Japan at the end of the working day - roughly translated as "thanks for your hard work" or "you must be tired!")

Comment 1

I always find Otsukare a very hard phrase to translate, above all I find hard to explain why they say it every time that some kind of effort in involved... You get Otsukare even when you are disembarking a plane... :P

Posted by Lox at 2006/11/20 13:02:24.

Comment 2

Yea - if I pass a security guard in the corridor at work, even in the morning, he'll see otsukare sama desu to me. I often think "well I haven't actually done anything yet".

Posted by John at 2006/11/20 13:04:14.

Comment 3

Maybe he's trying to chat you up ;) (nudge nudge wink wink), ya'knowwhatImean...

Posted by Lox at 2006/11/20 14:57:24.

Comment 4

nice pic of Kintia Bridge

Posted by Russ at 2008/04/12 18:24:39.

Comment 5

ahhaa i think it also means we are tired people or sth XD

Posted by Michelle at 2011/01/22 00:28:56.

Comment 6

not really, i hear a lot of japanese people saying 'otsukare' even after going out together. It's the younger version of 'kiotsukete', which is said by eldry :')

Posted by natalie at 2011/08/09 15:24:23.

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