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Ladies and Gentlemen - Entry Number 1000!!!!

Posted on 2006/11/16 11:33:40 (November 2006).

[Sunday 12th November]
Yes I can scarcely believe it - look at the address bar in your browser and you'll see this is the one thousandth entry I've posted in this blog.

One thousand!

This rather monumentous piece of numerical history somewhat dwarfs the events of the actual day it concerns which wasn't all that interesting really. In fact this is one of the shortest days I've ever blogged about. The flight back from Seattle landed in Tokyo around 5PM, so it is a little hard to determine exactly when today started (when I got on the flight, it was Saturday US time). Perhaps when we crossed the internation date line we were suddenly catapulted into Sunday? Who knows.

Anyway, Chie had come to Narita airport to meet me which was really nice. I was able to get through customs/immigration/etc in record time and we were sitting on a train before 6.

I dozed off a bit on the train on the way back, I was generally pretty knackered having been incapable of sleeping on the plane as always. I guess we got back to the flat some time around 8, and I pretty much went straight to bed - Chie knocked up a quick dinner which I ate in bed, half asleep.

Anyway, the trivialities of jetlag aside - 1000! One thousand!

Comment 1

COMPLIMENTS!!! Happy 1000th post!! :D

Posted by Lox at 2006/11/16 11:50:37.

Comment 2

As your dear old Grandma used to say "he a'n't 'alf got some rattle" - but she loved it!

Posted by Mum at 2006/11/16 16:26:13.

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