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Off to Seattle

Posted on 2006/11/11 10:33:12 (November 2006).

[Sunday 5th November]
Once upon a time these long virtual days caused by a shift in timezone over the international date line where something of a novelty. Now however it all just seems part and parcel of the business trip experience.

So Chie had already gone off to Hiroshima the previous evening, having stayed out fairly late at Quercus I awoke fairly late, but still in plenty of time to pack and sort out the apartment prior to leaving for the airport.

TK had originally been scheduled to go on an earlier flight, but his flight had been cancelled, so in the end we went on the same plane. By the time I got to the airport, TK had spent several hours in the lounge availing himself of the free drinks and was pretty trollied, bless him.

The flight itself was, well, just like any other flight to the US. Long, rather tedious, and completely without sleep. The food was not all that great this time - usually the Tokyo to Seattle leg is more or less passable, but today NorthWorst were obviously not putting a great deal of effort in.

Anyway, we arrive in Seattle around 11AM on Sunday, three hours before we took off, and after the usual messing around at the airport we headed over to our hotel.

I went out and grabbed a bit for lunch - there was a Subway not too far from the hotel. We get Subways in Japan, but they don't do they Veggie Max / Veggie Patty to which I am rather partial. In fact this was the first time I'd been to a Subway in the US - almost the same as in the UK, but perhaps slightly better and a fair bit cheaper.

Basically after that I spent the rest of the afternoon and early evening sleeping. I awoke at something quite unhelpful like 9:30, and by that time I guessed nothing much would be open, so gave up on the idea of going out for dinner. Actually it turned out I couldn't get back to sleep at all the whole rest of the night, and attempted to put that time to good use writing a new engine for the blog on my site.

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