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Posted on 2006/11/09 16:12:19 (November 2006).

[Saturday 4th November]
Today was my last full day in Tokyo prior to my business trip to Seattle.

First on the list, just after lunch, was to head over to Shinagawa for Chie's sister's university festival. The main attraction there today was a Japanese celebrity - Sakana-kun - who was going to be doing some sort of show at the festival. He's an odd sort of a celebrity - his stage name roughly translates as "Fish boy", and he seems to have become famous in Japan solely for his encyclopedic knowledge of all things sea dwelling. So we spent a while watching him, without any real idea of what he was banging on about, before heading off.

Next up we met up at Tokyo station Chie's friend who is confusingly also called Chie. Chie #2 is a semi-professional photographer, and wanted to take some pictures of me and Chie to add to a collection for a Japanese fashion magazine (yea, go figure!). Thus a slightly bizarre hour or so ensued - I've never modelled before, and I have a suspicion this is not going to become a regular event for me either!

Chie was heading off to Hiroshima today, so after the photo shoot, we went to an Indian restaurant for dinner, just prior to Chie getting on her bus. It was a place near Tokyo station, which was pretty good - we both had Thali style meals, but as a nice added extra they were served on banana leaves, which made it a bit special.

Chie got on her bus around 9. I had intended to go straight home to get a good night's sleep prior to my flight the next day, but somehow I found my legs carrying me to Ikebukuro instead. I spent a while in Quercus there, and had a very pleasant chat with a number of the regulars, before finally getting a taxi back home.

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