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Posted on 2006/11/02 13:18:02 (November 2006).

[Tuesday 31st October]
Didn't do anything remotely Halloween related actually. However, I did have a sense at work of being haunted by evil spirits - nothing seemed to work on that bloody computer today. Impending demo syndrome has very definitely set in, which appears to have the ability to bend the laws of nature, physics and logic, in order to conspire to make sure my big demo falls apart embarassingly. Still, a few days left before curtain up, so I am still hoping things will improve.

Today was Chie's final final day at work (which should have been last week, but was postponed a bit because of her little accident). So she is now unemployed, and having a go at being a house wife. I'm not sure it'll really suit her for long, but anyway, it has been very nice to have her do all the cooking for a change. Today Chie attempted to follow one of my recipes - red wine stew. The results were somewhat different to what I normally make, but not unpleasant. In an unusual move she put pumpkin in, and when I was brave enough to air a slight protest I was beaten down by the explanation that was Halloween so I had no choice.

Fair enough.

Comment 1

Hmmm. Working for the civil service I have become used to three-letter acronyms. They are absolutely everywhere, so I feel IDS (impending demo syndrome) is a valid addition to my personal dictionary! :)))

Posted by Nigel at 2006/11/04 08:32:07.

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