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The Edge of the World

Posted on 2006/10/25 16:44:21 (October 2006).

[Tuesday 24th October]
Today marked one year since I started at my current job. I wasn't really inclined to celebrate this in any way given that I'll be leaving in a month or two, but quite unrelated to this it was actually a really good day. Probably one of the best I've had in this job.

The main event was that I had a major breakthrough in the project which has been my main assignment since I started (although frequently relegated to the back burner during that time). I can't really write anything about it here because of the usual NDA nonsense, but save to say I felt even if today was my last day at the company, I could now go with a sense of pride that I was leaving behind something really solid and tangible.

There was some kind of internal conference on or something today, so in the large open plan space where I work there was hardly anyone else about. Initially there wasn't anyone to share my achievement with, but I didn't mind.

Shig came back from the conference early, and after showing him the big breakthrough, we went out for a bit of a celebratory lunch. After lunch Shig took me to see the plot where his new house was going to be built, which made for a surprisingly nice outing.

There have been hints of winter creeping into the weather this week, and as we walked there was a peculiar kind of stillness in the air. I guess that combined with the fact that we were in an area I wasn't familiar with made for a really unusual atmosphere - it is hard to put into words.

We kept on walking past the place where Shig's house was going to be built, further into territory unknown to me, until we got to the Tamagawa river. I'd never been this far away from the office in this part of Tokyo, and as we stood by the river looking out it felt a bit like being at the edge of the world.

Without wanting to overdo it, that "edge of the world" notion felt very poignant. At least on European maps of the world, Japan is right at Eastern extreme. I've spent a year working out here at the edge of the world, I'm now preparing to go back, but today particularly I could look back on that with a sense of achievement.

I'm going to stop rattling on because I have a suspicion this self indulgent introspective drivel is getting rather nauseating!

Anyway, it was a really good day.

Comment 1

I had no doubts that you were going to do something great before you left the company, now they will cry bitter tears when you leave! And yes, put all comments in the programming that you did according to Rob's english dictionary, that will learn them too!!!

Posted by Lox at 2006/10/25 16:54:03.

Comment 2

Not nauseating drivel at all! Fascinating stuff! The "edge of the world" notion is something any European must surely feel when so far away. Think of all those hstorical explorers who ventured so far seeking trade. At least nowadays it won't take two years to get back!

Posted by Nigel at 2006/10/25 22:04:43.

Comment 3

Now that would be a challenge Nigel!!

Posted by Kev at 2006/10/27 11:33:38.

Comment 4

Good to hear you and Chie are doing well,sorry that I have not contacted you in a while but I've been having a hectic year at work.No excuse really but you know how you can wrapped up in things.I'll e-mail you next week so we can have a prpoer chat.Congrats on the new job as well.

Posted by Ash at 2006/10/27 20:19:13.

Comment 5

Next time I will spell proper correctly !!!

Posted by Ash at 2006/10/27 20:21:21.

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