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iPod and Contract

Posted on 2006/10/17 05:18:22 (October 2006).

[Sunday 15th October]
As you may have inferred from the title, today I bought/received two new things - the bought thing being an 80GB iPod (black) and the received thing a contract for my new job (yea, delivery companies work even on Sundays here in Japan).

I found an excellent tool called Handbrake on the web which let me effortlessly convert my DVDs so I can watch them on the iPod, and I also started busily subscribing to more podcasts (particularly video podcasts) so I'd have plenty of content to play on the new toy. I absolutely love the way it integrates with iTunes, and with absolutely no fiddling about whatsoever I had it synced up with my whole music/video library.

I had toyed with the idea of getting a Nano originally - smaller, lighter and with longer lasting batteries... but I think it was just the idea of watching videos on the train etc which really won me over to it's somewhat heavier and bulkier big brother. Especially given the really fantastic software support on the Mac.

It has occurred to me that the Mac Mini has now become sort of a periperhal for the iPod, in a topsy turvy kind of way. The iPod doesn't have a CD/DVD drive or an internet connection, whereas the Mac Mini does. This makes the Mac Mini a great little box for harvesting content, and getting it onto the iPod.

Comment 1

Good news on both counts!!

Yes, I guess what some people "miss" is the fact that because Apple produce both hardware AND software they can do some nifty integration work - without actually locking third-party developers out.

Posted by Nigel at 2006/10/17 13:24:11.

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