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Where everybody knows your name...

Posted on 2006/10/13 05:24:19 (October 2006).

[Wednesday 11th October]
I don't really know why, but I seemed to get into a pretty miserable state of mind at work today. Maybe it's just the frustation of having to work out a long notice period (admittedly, partly my own fault), but whatever the reason was I really didn't want to be in that office today.

So I left as early as my conscience would let me, and headed over to Ikebukuro. As always, first stop was dinner at Rohlan, where for once I tried not to overeat - I get a bit overexcited about actually having a whole menu to choose from, so I almost always order too much, eat too fast, and end up with a bit of a stomach ache afterwards. Tonight though just the vegetarian tonkatsu set, plus a couple of small side dishes. All very nice as usual.

I was able to get to Quercus nice and early, which was great, and meant I could make a really decent long evening of it, but still leave in time to catch the last train back home.

There's a great community at Quercus, everyone seems to know everyone else, and they've all welcomed me with open arms, which is just great. It's just like the theme tune for Cheers - don't you want to go where everybody knows your name...? It's great to have somewhere in Tokyo where I can just turn up whenever I feel like it and guarantee I'll meet people I know, and I'm sure this will be one of the main things I'll miss when I leave Japan.

It's also great language practice for me - probably the only situation where I spend a long period of time speaking exclusively in Japanese.

On the whisky front, tonight's highlights included a couple of SMWS bottlings (including an amazingly fruity Laphroaig) and the Quercus 5th anniversary special bottling - a honey sweet Highland Park which is rather special.

Comment 1

I like bars like the Quercus, it's a great retreat and the "home" feeling adds a lot to it. In England the small country pubs are probably at the same level, the Cherry Tree near Tintern Abbey was the most vivid experience of a "proper pub" that I have had (thanks to John and his father). Before you leave we need to go to Quercus and Rohlan again!

Posted by Lox at 2006/10/13 09:50:12.

Comment 2

John... I know you are "itching" to get started in your new job, but bear with the long notice period and try to use it to get the maximum out of your experience in Japan... As I said in my e-mail to you a long time ago now... I was so desperate to get into Japan for an extended period of time for my studies, but for one reason or another couldn't get the doors to open.. From my point of view you have been very lucky to have had this opportunity.. I know you've had some tough times there and Japan can be a cold and lonely place, but you've had the love and companionship of Chie to support you and have been well received and accepted by her family. You've also made some good new friends... I didn't get much of this.. in fact my experiences were more on the rejection side..
Anyway John.. Fill your boots while you're there.

Posted by Jerry at 2006/10/13 11:43:37.

Comment 3

John ? Yeees...... John ! Is it not that gagin of a drunkard who sings badly, made the Quercus his second home and keeps fondling the buttocks of the customers who happen to be within reach (no matter who they are, male or female) ?

Posted by Sheri at 2006/10/13 16:38:20.

Comment 4

John the pervert, I now recall !

Posted by Sheri at 2006/10/13 16:39:10.

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