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Day Out

Posted on 2006/10/09 13:43:53 (October 2006).

[Saturday 7th October]
Had an unplanned, vague but very pleasant day wandering around Tokyo. Probably the pictures do a better job of recounting the day's events than any text here would (and besides, I'm feeling too lazy to write!).

Comment 1

Very nice pictures, John - it is good to see that there are places like the little lake with carp in Tokyo. My last visit to a capital city was to Skopje last month, in the neighbouring state of Macedonia, and I was interested to note that "carp" in Macedonian (a language which I am now setting about learning in earnest) is "crap", which obviously leads off to lots of fish restaurant-based jokes hehe. If you are interested in having a gander at the webpage I have made (but have not finished - it requires notes adding to the pictures and some changes to the text), it is at:

Skopje is a lovely city, hardly reminiscent of a capital, and only two-and-a-half hours drive from home.

Posted by Bryan Hollamby at 2006/10/09 14:40:04.

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