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Rather a lot of Curry

Posted on 2006/09/30 08:23:38 (September 2006).

[Thursday 28th September]
My current assignment at work means that most days I am very busy in the mornings and in the early afternoon, and it isn't always that easy to get away from my desk. So lunch has often become a very brief affair - just a snack grabbed from the very limited selection available in the supermarket next door to the office. In addition, with TK not coming into the office at the moment I don't have my usual "lunch buddy" around, and I always feel a bit awkward about going and sitting in a restaurant by myself.

Today though I was really hungry, and fed up with the food from the supermarket next door, so decided I would go out and get a proper lunch, even if I did have to go by myself. So I went to the place near the office that does a lunchtime all-you-can-eat of mixed Asian cuisine (some Indian, some Thai, some Indonesian and so on), which has a couple of vegetarian curries usually. As is the way of all-you-can-eat buffets, I ended up eating more-than-I-really-should-eat, after which I waddled back to the office and spent the remainder of the afternoon trying to stay awake.

I had arranged to go out with TK in the evening, but had left all the planning to him. I had a feeling what was coming - he had of course arranged for us to go out for a curry.

Actually the place was very nice - a restuarant TK often goes to in Harajuku, he seems to know the Nepalese guy who runs it. However, I have to admit two curries in one day was a bit of a struggle for me. By the end of the evening my stomach was making all sorts of unusual noises (although I wasn't actually in any real pain), and no doubt there were some interesting odours arising as a result.

Still, at least I didn't go hungry!

Comment 1

I wonder about gas emissions there John!! Chie might have not been impressed by your curry feat!

Posted by Lox at 2006/09/30 09:31:22.

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