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Posted on 2006/09/24 04:31:37 (September 2006).

[Friday 22nd September]
We were off to spend a long weekend - four nights - in Hiroshima. So just after seven we got on the Shinkansen from Tokyo, for the four hour trip to the Western part of the main island.

I like the shinkansen very much indeed - and am completely against the alternative of domestic flights on a number of levels... However, a four hour journey is still a four hour journey, and given that it was dark and so we couldn't watch the scenery go by, it did start to drag a bit after the first hour or so.

Anyway, eventually some time after 11 we arrived in Hiroshima. To save Chie's Mum having to come out and pick us up late at night, and also because due to some crazy package deal it actually worked out cheaper, we had decided to stay the first night in a hotel in the centre of Hiroshima. The hotel wasn't much to write home about, but on the plus side being in the centre did give us a chance to go for a late bite to eat and a drink on our arrival. So Chie and I headed over to an American style bar/grill place called The Shack, which we both rather like, and enjoyed one of their fine vegetarian tofu burgers each - plus of course a beer and some fries to accompany it.

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