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Off Site Meeting

Posted on 2006/09/22 06:03:09 (September 2006).

[Thursday 21st September]
Given that TK isn't coming to the office regularly at the moment (he's working on other projects elsewhere) we seem to be falling into a habit of arranging weekly "off site meetings". I'm not sure if this is terminology only used in my company, but it basically seems to be a code word for going out drinking.

Anyway, we had dinner at the same okonomiyaki place in Shinjuku I'd been to a couple of weeks ago. After that we went on to a whisky bar called Refrain, and had a very nice chat with the barman there about all things malt related. I felt the usual slight pang of guilt for going to any whisky bar other than Watanabe-san's place in Ikebukuro, but I justified it to myself in that it was a simple practicality of our location.

Anyway - just like every other night out with TK, it was a very pleasant evening.

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