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Leaving Do Number 1 of Approximately 140

Posted on 2006/09/22 05:28:14 (September 2006).

[Wednesday 20th September]
At lunchtime today I got chatting to a couple of guys on my team, and somehow or other the fact that I was going to leave the company slipped out. This then somehow translated into the fact that we absolutely had to go out drinking that evening. Who am I to disagree?

So we had a very nice evening out in Chofu, the suburb of Tokyo where our office is. We spent the first couple of hours in an Irish pub there, knocking back pints British style, then went from there for a thoroughly decent karaoke session.

One of my particular favourites of the evening was a rendition of a Tagalog (i.e. from the Philippines) song called something like Sino Sayo (although I can't remember for sure). Me and one of my colleagues who hails from the US turned it into a duet. Naturally, neither of us can speak a word of Tagalog, but we gave it a very determined go, and I think the results were quite tear jerking.

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