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Two Years

Posted on 2006/09/14 06:12:16 (September 2006).

[Wednesday 13th September]
Today actually marked two years since Chie and I got engaged (although the entry from two years ago rather glosses over this fact, as does the entry from one year ago). So I suppose it is kind of appropriate that this week we've finally got round to starting all the bureaucracy involved in actually getting married.

We were going to go out for dinner or something to mark the occasion, but Chie wasn't feeling so well, so we chose instead to postpone for another night. The previous day the summer had appeared to suddenly just end, very abruptly. It went from being still quite warm to being rather dismal, cold, wet and windy. I wonder if that might have been partly to blame for Chie not feeling all that well.

I made a red wine stew for dinner, a meal I thought was quite appropriate for the somewhat dreary weather. Whilst I say the weather was dreary, I think on balance I probably prefer cold and wet to the usual hot and humid of the summer here in Japan. Cold and wet is more, well, British sort of weather.

I also spent a large part of the evening fixing Photo Studio. It didn't really work properly with the image files from my new camera which meant I couldn't really go through the usual process to put those images on the web. The root of the problem seemed to be that Casio cameras actually store two thumbnail images inline in each JPEG file, rather than the usual one you get with the EXIF standard. I came up with a simple fix that at least let the program ignore the second thumbnail properly, so the program could continue to do rotations, scaling etc with images from my new camera.

I've thought a few times recently how it might be nice to start Photo Studio again from scratch, I'd like to have a cross platform version that could work on the Mac and be a lot more straightforward to use. In reality though this is not all that likely to happen unless I one day have the opportunity to do something like this in a commercial capacity, and I doubt that's really going to happen.

Comment 1

Now if I remember correctly... Isn't Photo Studio written in C++ ? So wouldn't a conversion to Java be the way to go? (Pardon my cheek and lack of full knowledge here...) Nice and cross-platformy...

If you did rewrite it then I suggest posting to all those Mac websites and even Apple's own Download section. They seem to positively promote independant developers, don't they?

And of course Windows users would have no problems either. If it was shareware you might even make a bob or two. :)

Hey, and if it's Java we could use it on PDAs and phones!! (Steady-on Nigel!!) OK maybe not :))

Posted by Nigel at 2006/09/14 13:52:19.

Comment 2

Oh, and it's been cold and wet here these last two days. Today is better with some sun and 18-degrees. Autumn is really settling in now and the evenings are much cooler, even if the day is still warm.

Posted by Nigel at 2006/09/15 21:57:40.

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