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A Very Interesting Toilet

Posted on 2006/09/08 08:03:49 (September 2006).

[Wednesday 6th September]
TK hasn't been in the office so much recently as he's largely been working on other things elsewhere of late. Today was the only day he came in this week, and it was great as it was largely a sociable visit - we had coffee in the morning, went to lunch (at, err, lunchtime), and then after work went for a few drinks.

We went to a café/bar called Buns in the evening. It is interesting to me because it has an unusual toilet - unusual in that it is more like stepping into the bathroom in someone's house rather than the kind of functional and spartan affair you normally find in bars. It has been quite extensively decorated - more so than the rest of the bar - and has a number of articles of unnecessary furniture, as well as posters on the wall and ornaments on shelves. A bit hard to describe.

Reflecting on this, there seems to be a very wide range in the standard of conveniences found in Japan - they have everything from the grottiest and most unpleasant of squat style facilities, to the super high tech (featuring buttons I am always far too frightened to try out), the impossibly clean and, like this place, the delightfully eccentric.

I still enjoy the signs you get in some places saying "Western Style Toilet", although to this date I have yet to encounter the group of gun-toting cowboys that I'm generally expecting.

Comment 1

"gun-toting cowboys" how true!


Posted by Malinda at 2006/09/08 16:17:16.

Comment 2

EHEHEH Same could be applied to Wedstern Style Cusine (susages, egg and beans) and Western Style Room (a sallon maybe?!) :)

Posted by Lox at 2006/09/09 09:21:57.

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